How to Achieve That Designer Bathroom Furniture Look on a Budget

With numerous magazines and websites showcasing the latest in modern and stylish designer bathroom furniture it is hard not to consider how your own bathroom would look after a pricey designer inspired makeover. Designer bathroom furniture can bring instant interior design impact to any bathroom setting andif you are looking to revamp your existing bathroom luckily there are ways of achieving a designer inspired bathroom without the costly designer price tag.

One way of bringing the unique and elegant appeal of designer bathroom furniture is to add vintage or second hand furniture to the bathroom. Follow this guide and learn how to achieve the look of designer bathroom furniture in your own home.

Hunt down second hand pieces.

Any thrifty interior design expert will know better than anyone else that one of the best ways to find unique pieces of furniture is all about scouring through scrap yards, second hand shops and even charity shops.

A vintage vanity unit or a selection of second hand bathroom cabinets will bring instant individuality to any bathroom setting. As many designer bathroom furniture pieces maintain a unique look, owning a vintage piece will certainly inject an element of designer inspired style into any bathroom setting.

Use your initiative.

While it would be desirable to track down a second hand vanity unit or washstand, if you experience any difficulty in locating these unique pieces fear not as the next way of achieving that designer inspired look in the bathroom simply requires a touch of inventiveness.

When searching through scrap yards or second hand stores remember to use your initiative when uncovering different pieces of furniture – for example, if you manage to stumble upon an antique chest of drawers or dressing table then it is possible to customise these pieces of furniture to make them suitable for the bathroom.

By drilling a hole into a second hand chest of drawers or dressing table, you could easily accommodate a basin on the surface to instantly transform it into a chic designer inspired vanity table to add to your bathroom. The unique appeal of something you have created yourself will no doubt bring serious design flair to your bathroom.

Get ready to polish!

Possibly the main thing to do if you are investing in second hand or antique furniture is to make sure you give the furniture you buy a bit of a make-over before you place it into your bathroom.

While an old washstand or storage unit may look a bit tired and drab when you first buy it, you would be surprised what a quick sandpapering and polish will do to give the unit a new lease of life.

For an even more unique look, you could give the furniture a coat of paint in a complementing colour to your existing bathroom.